A Recap of Taipei Blockchain Week 2023: Education, Blockchain, and Open Campus Ecosystem

Open Campus Council Member: Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap took the stage at Taipei Blockchain Week on 15th Dec to talk about Open Campus, EduFi and TinyTap.

Open Campus
4 min readDec 22, 2023


Earlier in 2021, TinyTap became a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. Then earlier this year in 2023, Open Campus, the first community-led education protocol, was launched collaboratively with Animoca Brands, TinyTap and other partners.

Why Education?

The decision to focus on education was driven by the prevailing dynamics of the educational landscape. Typically, those with financial resources have the authority to influence the direction of education. This includes government bodies, which shape educational agendas, and private companies, which invest in profitable educational ventures.

The current educational system faces several challenges. Firstly, teachers often receive inadequate compensation, despite being the individuals who directly engage with and guide students. Secondly, the content and knowledge imparted to students are largely determined by centralized authorities.

Moreover, the education sector has been slow in embracing innovative technologies. Historical examples include the delayed integration of radio, television, computers, laptops, and more recently, artificial intelligence (AI).

Yet, the education market presents significant opportunities. Projections indicate that the market is poised to reach a value of 30 trillion dollars by 2030, with substantial growth expected in Africa due to the birth of over 1 billion children in the past decade.


TinyTap emerged as a response to this promising market. The platform provides educators with a comprehensive suite of tools for creating interactive educational content. Through this user-friendly application, teachers can transform existing materials, such as PDFs, into interactive and measurable learning resources. Additionally, TinyTap’s subscription model offers teachers the potential to generate revenue from their content.

With a diverse community of educators from around the world, TinyTap has established itself as one of the leading brands in children’s education. The platform has forged partnerships with renowned organizations such as Pinkfong (known for “Baby Shark”), Sesame Street, Oxford University Press, and others.

TinyTap in Stats

  • 10 years of history
  • 250,000 lessons and games
  • 70,000 creators
  • 150,000 educators
  • 10,000,000 registered families
  • Top 10 grossing kids app
  • 36 team members

TinyTap journey is about helping the teachers and the children, and combined with Web3 we now have the opportunity not only to capture the value in education but also to scale the ecosystem with more participants. For this, Open Campus was launched.

Open Campus

Earlier this year, the EDU token of Open Campus was launched through Binance Launchpad, marking one of the largest launches on Binance. This significant event demonstrated the community’s strong interest in education and the vision of Open Campus. Here are some notable achievements of Open Campus thus far.

1/ Publisher NFT

A key focus of Open Campus is the concept of ownership, and the Publisher NFT exemplifies this principle. Unlike regular NFTs that focus on hype or profile pictures, the Publisher NFT grants the owner publishing rights to digital content. While TinyTap offers revenue generation through games and courses, Publisher NFTs provide an avenue for owning the publishing rights to various content. This presents limitless opportunities for participants.

The initial launch of Publisher NFT featured 12 NFTs, representing 12 courses on the TinyTap platform that had been generating revenue for several years. Participants in the first Publisher NFT sales acquired NFTs that hold a fixed value, representing the underlying worth of the content.

The second season of Publisher NFT recently concluded with the successful sale of 720 NFTs. These NFTs also represent content from TinyTap, enabling owners to promote, localize, or utilize the content as they see fit. Notably, Publisher NFT holders possess the key to the smart contract that stores all the revenue generated from the content. This ensures that holders have access to their assets at any time.

2/ Open Campus ID

Open Campus ID serves as the entry pass to various courses within the Open Campus ecosystem. It allows users to store their learning credits and achievements on the blockchain. With OC ID, users can consolidate their learning records from different organizations, providing a comprehensive overview of their educational journey. As the Open Campus ecosystem expands, OC ID offers companies and educational institutions the opportunity to tailor education programs to meet individual user needs.

3/ EduFi

EduFi is a groundbreaking development being announced for the first time. It focuses on the educational financial system, presenting a significant opportunity for crypto and Open Campus’s EDU token. Key components of EduFi include:

  • Smart Scholarships in partnership with a regional education institute that owns 25% of schools.
  • Student Loans address the staggering $1.7 trillion student debt.
  • Education Savings.
  • School Debentures.
  • On-chain Revenue Share.

4/ OC Alliance

As the OC Alliance grows, users will no longer be confined to a single platform. They will have the freedom to explore various platforms to learn about diverse topics, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.


The field of education is in a constant state of evolution. Rather than passively waiting for the education system to gradually adopt new practices, there is an opportunity for collective action to drive innovation and advancement of education as a whole. Join now, and be a part of the future’s education.