Kicking off OC-X Cohort 2

Last Friday, we welcomed the second cohort of OC-X (the Open Campus Accelerator) for EdTech founders

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2 min readOct 27, 2023

We are thrilled to host another batch of Edtech leaders with Cohort #2 of the Open Campus Accelerator (OC-X) kicking off last Friday (Oct 20, 2023).

OC-X is a DAO-voted, bold initiative providing comprehensive support and growth opportunities to innovative EdTech and future-of-work startups demonstrating high potential.

When it comes to providing a network enriched with value, we know how powerful top-tier accelerators can be, even for experienced founders. This second group will form part of an OC Alliance that fosters potential partnerships among EdTech founders and integrates $EDU into their systems.

Cohort 2 is filled with founders who are keen to invest time and effort into building enduring, authentic, robust relationships during and post-program. Our goal is to connect them with expert advisors, along with a space to establish personal connections, which eventually catalyze new partnership prospects.

Last but not least, OC-X provides access to non-dilutive funding in $EDU to accelerate growth for these companies in a more human-centered way.

We’re excited to be part of propelling their growth trajectory by providing access to more diverse educational content for working adults while providing educators with new opportunities to earn revenue and gain recognition for their contributions.

EdTech founders in Cohort 2 of OC-X:

  • JP Lemos (10ten, USA)
  • Mike Michalec (EdTech Group, Singapore)
  • Melvin Lee Hong Wee (Flying Chalks, Singapore)
  • Howard Kingston (Frontier Academy, London)
  • Raphael Eder (Hyphen, London)
  • Siddharth Dangi (Mentogram, Singapore)
  • Natalie Chan (OWN Academy, Singapore)
  • Andika Deni Parsetya (Rakamin Academy, Indonesia)
  • David Kim (Rethinkable, South Korea)
  • Priszcilla Garami- Varnagy (Superflow, USA)

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