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Open Campus
4 min readApr 24, 2023

Open Campus launch partners TinyTap and Animoca Brands as well as the EDU Council will empower true ownership of digital educational content utilized around the world.

The Open Campus Protocol is a 100% community-led Web3 education alliance that utilizes blockchain technology to create a more equitable education system. By putting the power of learning back in the hands of educators and students, Open Campus seeks to offer a decentralized learning-focused network that can exist alongside existing education systems.

Through NFT-based publishing rights, crowd-sourced curricula, a Publisher NFT marketplace, smart scholarships, and immutable on-chain academic records, the Open Campus Protocol empowers content creators to maintain ownership of their intellectual property while providing wider opportunities for students to learn and educators to create new content with on-chain revenue streams and recognition for their contributions.

Ultimately, the mission of the Open Campus Protocol is to transform the future of education and ensure that high-quality education is accessible to everyone, regardless of financial or geographical constraints.

Open Campus’ Key Leadership Partners

As a decentralized organization, Open Campus operates as a community-led protocol, allowing anyone who participates to be part of its collective effort to continually make advancements in the ways Open Campus enables alternative education around the world.

To ensure its success, the Open Campus Protocol is guided by the EDU Council and the Protocol’s launch partners, including leadership figures from digital asset ownership advocate Animoca Brands as well as TinyTap, a company dedicated to empowering educators and making learning accessible to everyone.

The Open Campus community will receive support from the Protocol’s launch partners, in particular drawing on the leadership experience of the founders of projects such as TinyTap.

Tel Aviv-based TinyTap provides a code-free platform for educators to create and share interactive educational games and lessons while earning additional revenue through content creation.

As an early adopter of the Open Campus Protocol, TinyTap aims to introduce its vast network of over 100,000 educators and 9 million students and families to a new model of independent learning and community-contributed education on the blockchain. The TinyTap team includes:

  • Yogev Shelly, CEO and Founder of TinyTap, who has a background in design and is committed to decentralizing the learning experience by connecting learners and teachers worldwide.
  • Uri Lazar, CTO of TinyTap, brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience as a software developer and engineer, and is passionate about using technology to empower individuals to take control of their own learning.
  • Nissim Pinto, COO of TinyTap, is an experienced leader in product development and growth, with a deep understanding of the education industry and the ability to lead and execute complex projects.

Open Campus Governance & the EDU Council

In addition to Open Campus’ launch partners, Open Campus is governed by the EDU Council, which consists of five members who will adhere to and enforce the EDU governance documents. This council will verify and validate proposals submitted by $EDU token holders and ensure their execution in accordance with the guidelines stated in the governance documents. The EDU Council plays a vital role in the governance of the $EDU token in Open Campus. You can read more about the EDU Council in the Open Campus $EDU whitepaper. The current council members include:

  • Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, a global leader in blockchain and gaming who is committed to decentralizing education and delivering more equity to teachers and creators.
  • Yogev Shelly, Founder and CEO of TinyTap, will continue his support for Open Campus by sitting on the Council as the anchor launch partner of the protocol.
  • Jay Varkey, Group Executive Director and board member of GEMS Education, brings a strong track record in business development and has formed relationships with numerous clients and partners in the MENA region and globally.
  • Jack Chorowasky, former President of the KIPP Foundation, has deep operational and strategic experience in the education sector
  • Yida Gao, Founder of Shima Capital, will bring his strong network of top-tier universities in the US and abroad to further Open Campus’ reach to higher education.

The team behind Open Campus Protocol, along with its launch partners, is dedicated to empowering educators, students, and content creators through high-quality and accessible educational content. Together, we can reshape learning experiences and ensure a more equitable future for all. Join the conversation on the future of education and connect with Open Campus on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates and announcements!

About Open Campus
Open Campus is a community-led protocol for educators, content creators, parents, and students. It puts decisions about learning back into the hands of educators and their students by fostering a collaborative environment, enabling teachers to create materials that appeal to the exact needs of students. Additionally, Open Campus recognizes the achievements of teachers and content creators who help students seek new knowledge, opening new revenue streams for effective educators around the world.

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