OC 100: the definitive list of creators driving learning and growth within Web3

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5 min readFeb 2, 2024

Powered by Open Campus, ForbesWeb3, and Animoca Brands

From right to left: Ray Chan, Yat Siu, and Diana-Luk Ye, three of the OC 100 Judges.

OC 100, a trailblazing contest, shines a light on Web3’s top thinkers. It’s a joint venture by Open Campus, ForbesWeb3, and Animoca Brands, dedicated to celebrating Web3 content creators who are educating the world about this emerging sector.

Why this focus? The trio of Open Campus, ForbesWeb3, and Animoca Brands believe that today’s creators are the new educators, especially in a rapidly evolving field like Web3. They provide essential learning on emerging tech, concepts, and their applications — opening doors to innovation and digital autonomy.

This initiative leverages the combined media, education, and tech prowess of its hosts to honor those committed to educating others within Web3. We aim to identify the visionaries leading the charge in Web3 education.

The campaign seeks exceptional individuals across various categories, from cultural and artistic impact to investment and financial insight, and everything in between.

The search ends with the OC 100 — a curated list of leading Web3 creators, to be showcased on Open Campus and spotlighted by Forbes, connecting learners to the pivotal content these pioneers offer.

Meet the judges

Assembling the OC 100 — a list of Web3’s leading creators — is a monumental task. To ensure the highest standards, we’ve enlisted a team of industry experts to guide our selection.

Meet our panel of Web3 virtuosos:

  • Yat Siu from Animoca Brands, a visionary in blockchain gaming.
  • Ray Chan of Memeland, renowned for viral content creation.
  • Diana-Luk Ye from World of Women, a strategist in digital representation.
  • Kenneth Shek, leading the innovative Mocaverse project.
  • All City, steering ApeCoin’s governance with a strategic hand.
  • Fonz O. from tokenproof, redefining digital ownership.
  • Ishan Bhaidani, a pioneer at SCRIB3, at the forefront of Web3 innovation.
  • Nathan Head, a renowned artist whose work resonates in the Web3 community.
  • 0xChanglu, a gaming aficionado breaking new ground in the Web3 arena.
  • Alex Salnikov of Rarible, reimagining digital collectibles.
  • RPH of Steady Stack, focusing on sustainable growth in Web3.
  • Virtual Bacon, an educator investing knowledge into Web3.
  • Charles Wayn, the Co-founder of Galxe, unlocking the power of decentralized ecosystems.
  • Brian Evans, a savvy entrepreneur and investor in the Web3 space.
  • Amanda Cassatt of Serotonin, driving marketing innovation.
  • Axel from AOI, crafting unique digital experiences.
  • Chris Sirise, co-creating the Pixelmon universe.
  • Rodri Fernández Touza from Crossmint, pioneering digital payments.
  • Alan Lau, Chief Business Officer at Animoca Brands and art aficionado.
  • Jack Lu, CEO & Co-Founder at Magic Eden on a mission to make digital ownership universal

With their collective expertise, this diverse group will rigorously evaluate nominations to curate a list that exemplifies the pinnacle of Web3 education, creativity, and innovation.

OC 100 is curated by the Web3 community

Educators and creators draw their strength from their audience, much like Web3 thrives on its community. Open Campus has always been community-led, and OC 100 is a reflection of that ethos.

While we’ve pooled significant expertise from our partners at ForbesWeb3, Animoca Brands, and our judges, the heart of OC 100 lies in the community’s hands.

Your role is crucial.

Nominate and vote for the creators who’ve enlightened you about Web3, those who’ve made complex topics accessible and remained steadfast during our industry’s ups and downs.

Your input will help spotlight the true pioneers of Web3 learning and innovation.

Here’s how to get involved:

Step 1: claim your voice

Secure your Open Campus ID at id.opencampus.xyz to participate. Use referral codes from our Discord, Telegram, or Twitter if you need one, and claim your .edu domain.

Step 2: nominate the innovators

Head over to 100.opencampus.xyz to nominate your top Web3 creators. With three nomination cohorts covering eight categories, make sure you check back to support your favorite creators in each cohort.

Nominations will go live for Cohort 1 week commencing Feb 5th.

Step 3: cast your vote

After nominations, it’s time to vote and influence the OC 100 rankings. Like nominations, voting occurs in three stages — make sure your favorites top the list in each category by coming back every day to submit your votes. You get three votes per day, so make them count!

After submitting your votes you’ll also get the chance to win more votes or OC Points.

Categories and cohorts: what to expect?

The OC 100 campaign will unfold from February 1 to March 31, 2024, and is structured into three cohorts, highlighting eight distinct categories. Each cohort is designed to showcase the broad spectrum of talent within the Web3 industry.

During each cohort, expect a deep dive into categories such as:

  • Gaming
  • Content Creation & Storytelling
  • Technical Educators & Developers
  • Community Builders & Leaders
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Investment & Financial Insight
  • Cultural & Artistic Impact
  • Social Impact & Ethics.

Keep an eye on the timeline to participate and support your preferred innovators at each step of the campaign.

Get involved today!

OC 100 is more than a celebration; it’s a collaborative movement where your insights and choices help to cultivate a community that is rich in knowledge and cooperation. We’re inviting you, yes you, to join in.

Think of your Open Campus ID as your pass to the OC 100 action. It’s your way to spotlight the influencers and innovators who are crafting our Web3 reality.

Ready to make an impact? Grab your ID and let’s get those nominations rolling.

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