Bringing Decentralized Education to Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023

Open Campus stood out as a pioneering Web3 education platform, engaging with global industry leaders and highlighting the transformative potential of decentralized education.

Open Campus
2 min readNov 6, 2023

Hong Kong Fintech Week, known for gathering industry experts, innovators, and investors, provided an ideal platform for Open Campus to showcase its groundbreaking advancements and connect with key stakeholders.

Among all exhibitors across traditional finance, web3 innovations, and technology infrastructures, Open Campus stood out as the only Education project powered by Blockchain. It intrigued visitors from all walks to stop by and learn about how Open Campus is changing the education scene.

Open Campus graced the stage for the panel titled “Web3 Education Frontier: Navigating Learning and Transforming the Global Landscape” represented by Alan Lau, Chief Business Officer at Animoca Brands, and Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap, alongside Audrey Ou, Founder of TRLab.

The session moderated by Akina Ho, Founder of AllStarWomen DAO, sparked an interesting conversation on addressing education pain points with the help of blockchain.

As Open Campus concludes a successful stint at Hong Kong Fintech Week, the momentum only continues to build. With its sights set on Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul (Nov 8–9), the team is ready to further the conversation on revolutionizing education with web3 technology to a whole new audience.

Hope to see you all there!