Open Campus ID Mint Details

More than 130,000 people signed up for the Open Campus ID Allowlist, here’s how to claim yours.

Open Campus
4 min readJan 22, 2024

Open Campus Claim Time Reminders

The Open Campus ID mint will begin with the Phase 1 Allowlist starting at 10 AM UTC on January 23rd.

Each Allowlist phase will have a 24-hour window to claim their Open Campus ID and .edu domains before the next Allowlist phase joins in.

Once each phase of the Allowlist opens, it will remain open for members to claim their Open Campus IDs.

This is a free mint, so no gas tokens are required. Just head to and connect with the same wallet that is registered with the Allowlist.

Please refer to the infographic below for a reminder of each phase. Make sure to act quickly to secure the best edu domains!

Open Campus ID Rewards Boosters

Once you claim your Open Campus ID, you will receive a Rewards boost that will significantly enhance how quickly you can earn OC Points.

The Rewards boost tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1: 3x boost
  • Tier 2: 2x boost
  • Tier 3: 1.5x boost
  • Tier 4: 1.1x boost

Please note that the reward boosts will be active on your Open Campus ID for 6 months after launch, and the boost multipliers may change during this period.

Open Campus ID Referrals

Live at launch! Open Campus ID is introducing a referral scheme that rewards early adopters and their networks.

Users from each Allowlist phase get daily refreshable referral codes, with those in earlier phases receiving more.

Aim to use all your invite codes every day, as referring someone nets you a percentage of their points earned, boosting your earnings significantly. You will get 15% of the OC Points earned by each person you refer and 5% from their referrals.

Please note that these commission rates are exclusive for the first month after the launch and will decrease for new referrals after the first month.

Until February 5th, the only way to get an Open Campus ID is through a referral code, unless you are on the Allowlist.

After February 5th, registration opens to all, with or without referral codes. However, referring users with invite codes still benefits both parties.

Mint FAQs

How do I claim?

Visit when the claim window is open and connect your wallet to secure your Open Campus ID.

How much does it cost to mint an Open Campus ID?

This is a free mint, so no gas tokens are required. Just head to and connect with the same wallet that is registered with the Allowlist.

If I get whitelisted in the Early Phase, do I need to hold my $EDU or Genesis NFT until the mint?

You will only need to hold them when you register for Allowlist, you do not need to verify ownership again at mint.

If I mint late, do I still get my multiplier?

Absolutely, you will receive your rewards multiplier as long as you claim with the wallet address registered on the Allowlist. There’s no specific time limit, but we recommend minting early to secure your preferred .edu domain and maximize OC Point earnings.

Does minting end 24 hours after each phase goes live?

No, minting remains open indefinitely. However, each phase has a 24-hour exclusivity period before the next phase joins in.

What chain will Open Campus ID be built on?

At launch, your Open Campus ID will be stored off-chain on IPFS servers. This means all the data linked to your ID will be under your control, securely encrypted, and kept in decentralized storage, with access exclusive to you, the learner.

Learners will be able to migrate their IDs on-chain at a later date. As we continually innovate, keep an eye out for future enhancements that may further streamline and elevate your on-chain experience on the platform.

What is the benefit of being on the Early Phase Allowlist than the other phases?

Everyone on the Allowlist will be rewarded with an OC Points multiplier that can be used to participate in the Campus Rewards system.

Additionally, everyone who gets on the Allowlist secures their chance to claim the best EDU names before Open Campus ID claims are opened up to everyone.

Finally, Allowlisted wallets will get exclusive access to our platform before Open Campus ID claims are open to everyone. During this period, those with access can earn OC points by completing quests and referring new users with their unique referral codes.