Open Campus ID: The Proof Of Education Protocol Launching In January 2024

Open Campus
9 min readJan 8, 2024

Your Identity, Your Data, Your Open Campus ID.

Open Campus ID is a digital passport for decentralized education. By leveraging decentralized identifiers (DID), it creates unique online profiles and educational badges and credentials to give learners full control over their educational identity, reputation, and data.

Our motivation is simple: we believe that the future of learning and work will be based on skills rather than degrees, a goal inadequately addressed by current educational technology. Education has evolved beyond traditional classrooms and universities. Recognizing this shift, employers, including industry giants like Google and IBM, are increasingly discarding bachelor’s degree requirements in their hiring processes. Open Campus is leading the way with Open Campus ID.

Open Campus ID is the cornerstone of our dynamic ecosystem designed to empower educators, students, and educational institutions. At the heart of our mission, it functions as a proof-of-education protocol, which will not only strengthen educational platforms but will also create a strong network effect that gets bigger with every new user who joins. Open Campus ID is central to our vision of a thriving ecosystem of educators, learners, and institutions.

Holding an Open Campus ID will grant you a unique .edu domain that will allow you to store your learner profile and educational data in a self-sovereign, decentralized manner. It becomes a virtual representation of your learning efforts, where your education credentials will be verifiable and immutable, affirming your skills and capabilities to employers and institutions.

Open Campus ID will also serve as a membership ticket to unlock access to special offers and exclusive educational courses available from Open Campus Alliance partners. In addition, Open Campus ID holders will be able to earn OC points from Open Campus Rewards which will be live at launch!

Open Campus ID not only benefits learners but also supports educators. It connects teachers with a broader audience by facilitating the discovery of their content on our platform, effectively linking learners directly with high-quality teachers through the OC infrastructure. The discovery of exceptional educators is supercharged by OC learning incentives and funding opportunities for innovative educational content.

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Open Campus ID Development Roadmap

Open Campus ID Allowlist & Claim Information


  • Phase 1 & 2 — You are eligible to claim if you hold 50 EDU, Open Campus Genesis NFTs, or Season 1 or Season 2 Publisher NFTs. Additionally, holders of Open Campus POAPs that were distributed to OC Labs participants will be automatically added to the Phase 2 Allowlist (snapshot taken on 7 Jan 2024).
  • Phase 3 — You are eligible if you participate and follow the requirements in the Allowlist competitions hosted by our partners like Mocaverse, The Sandbox, Decrypt, Bondex, BitDegree, and others.
  • Phase 4 — You are eligible if you participate and follow the requirements within the specified dates.

Each phase gets a 24-hour exclusive window to secure their .edu domains before the next phase opens up. The claim will take place at

Why should you get on the Allowlist?

The Allowlist gives you a chance to get in early and capitalize on the benefits that Open Campus is giving its early supporters.

Allowlisted wallets that claim their Open Campus ID will:

  1. Be rewarded with an OC Points multiplier that can be used in the Open Campus Rewards System at launch. OC Points is a permission token used to incentivize learners within the Open Campus ecosystem.
  2. Have priority access to claim memorable .edu domains before it’s opened to all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your educational brand with a standout Open Campus ID. The simpler your domain, the stronger your presence!
  3. For a period of time, get exclusive access to our platform before Open Campus ID claims are open to everyone. During this period, those with access can earn OC points by completing quests and referring new users with their unique referral codes.

Launch of Open Campus ID and Campus Rewards

The Open Campus ID claim will follow the Allowlist campaign, going live on Jan 23rd, 2023. This will be the first time users can claim their .edu domain name, complete their learner profile, and be ready to seize the benefits of Open Campus ID.

At launch, Open Campus ID holders will also be able to start earning OC Points from the Open Campus Rewards system on the user portal by completing simple quests that include social and referral tasks. IDs claimed through the Allowlist campaign will be granted with a rewards multiplier, increasing their earnings from Open Campus Rewards for six months post-launch.

We will continue to bring out new quests regularly, so make sure you check back for more opportunities to earn OC points and simultaneously help to grow our community of Open Campus ID holders.

Open Campus University

Open Campus University will be the first platform integrated with Open Campus ID, unleashing the complete potential of the Open Campus ecosystem for both educators and learners. Open Campus University is a decentralized content platform for discovery and engagement with the best educators on social media, starting with Web3 creators on X. It’s powered by our Chrome extension that also functions as a wallet for your Open Campus ID.

Through Open Campus University, we are reimagining how education can be delivered at the grassroots level by online creators, who we believe are a new class of educators who have emerged in an increasingly digital world. This system elevates educators with stellar reputations, as learners support them with staked $EDU, facilitating the discovery of genuine educators.

In addition to the educational content from online educators, Open Campus ID holders will gain access to a wealth of resources offered by Open Campus Alliance partners. This includes exclusive OC content, alongside materials from native platforms, spanning a wide range of current educational topics, curated for discerning learners. All of this is enhanced by the integration of OC Rewards, providing an extra layer of motivation to enrich the learning journey!

More information about Open Campus University will be revealed as we approach the platform’s launch.

Learner Data, Achievement Badges, and Verifiable Credentials

Learner Profiles on Open Campus ID will be enhanced by enabling the receipt of badges from educational providers within the Open Campus Alliance network. This will turn Open Campus ID into a comprehensive record of each individual’s educational journey, covering everything from their learning interests and course completions to customized achievements and official accreditation.

At this stage of the roadmap, Open Campus plans to onboard millions of learners by integrating an SDK into the platforms of organizations within the Open Campus Alliance. This SDK empowers our partners to issue Open Campus IDs and Verifiable Credentials.

As we progress, Open Campus ID will expand its capabilities to include the recording of official academic certificates and diplomas issued by educational institutions or providers.


1. What is Open Campus ID?

Open Campus ID is a Decentralized Identifier (DID) and Proof of Education protocol that will grant you with a unique .edu identifier, which is linked to an online learning profile that gives learners full control over their educational records.

With Open Campus ID, your academic achievements and credentials are yours to own and verify. Your profile data is encrypted and stored securely, accessible only to you. The key advantage? You decide what and when info linked to your Open Campus ID gets shared, from your Open Campus Alliance activities to your learning profile.

2. What kind of user data and learning information will be linked to Open Campus ID?

Three types of user data will be associated with Open Campus IDs and stored in a self-sovereign manner: User profile data, learning achievements, and verifiable credentials.

User profile data includes:

  • Name, age, location, email
  • Optional identifiers such as social media accounts

Learning achievements include:

  • Badges granted by educational providers
  • Key milestones in users’ learning histories such as the completion of a course

Verifiable credentials include:

  • Academic certificates and diplomas issued by educational providers

3. How do verifiable credentials function within the Open Campus ID platform?

Verifiable credentials (VCs) are digital representations of documents, such as a degree certificate or diploma, that can be stored securely and linked to an Open Campus ID.

VCs are cryptographically signed by the provider issuing them and can be verified by academic institutions. This ensures that the credentials are authentic and cannot be altered or tampered with in any way and allows individuals to prove their identity for digital interactions in a secure and verifiable way.

A VC representing a diploma would represent all the data elements found on a physical diploma, with the addition of a cryptographic digital signature from the academic institution.

4. What chain will Open Campus ID be built on?

At launch, your Open Campus ID will be stored off-chain on IPFS servers. This means all the data linked to your ID will be under your control, securely encrypted, and kept in decentralized storage, with access exclusive to you, the learner.

Learners will be able to migrate their IDs on-chain at a later date. As we continually innovate, keep an eye out for future enhancements that may further streamline and elevate your on-chain experience on the platform.

5. How does Open Campus ID help me as a learner?

  • Complete, verifiable records: With Open Campus ID, learners get access to a complete, tamper-resistant, and verifiable record of their academic achievements, which affirms to employers and other academic institutions the legitimacy and caliber of learners.
  • Personalized Learning: If the learner permits it, institutions can access self-sovereign data, allowing them to create tailored educational experiences, relevant course recommendations, and adaptive learning journeys.
  • Learn and Earn: OC Points and Open Campus Rewards incentivize learners as they engage with educational content from Open Campus Alliance partner institutions and Open Campus University, adding an extra layer of motivation to enrich the learning journey!

6. What is the Open Campus Alliance?

The Open Campus Alliance currently comprises more than 30 companies with an educational focus that have committed to adopting the EDU token and Open Campus products. The Open Campus Alliance includes TinyTap, Mocaverse, Hooked, New Campus GEMS Education, Weeve, Metalympics, CoderSchool, Blockchain Center, Bondex, Edu3Labs and BitDegree.

7. Is having an Open Campus ID essential to access OC Alliance Partners’ services?

No, you are free to access OC Alliance partners’ services without an Open Campus ID but you will not enjoy the benefits that come with using one.

8. What is the benefit of being on the Early Phase Allowlist than the other phases?

Everyone on the Allowlist will be rewarded with an OC Points multiplier that can be used to participate in the Campus Rewards system.

Additionally, everyone who gets on the Allowlist secures their chance to claim the best EDU names before Open Campus ID claims are opened up to everyone.

Finally, Allowlisted wallets will get exclusive access to our platform before Open Campus ID claims are open to everyone. During this period, those with access can earn OC points by completing quests and referring new users with their unique referral codes.

However, the sooner you join, the larger your rewards multiplier and the earlier you can claim your ID, increasing your chances of securing your preferred .edu identifier.

9. If I get whitelisted in the Early Phase, do I need to hold my $EDU or Genesis NFT until the mint?

You will only need to hold them when you register for Allowlist, you do not need to verify ownership again at mint.

10. When is the claim?

The Open Campus ID claim will start on January 23rd. For full details of the claim period, head back up to the top of the article and check out the infographic.

11. How much is the claim?

It will be a free claim for all Allowlisted addresses.

12. How do I claim?

Visit when the claim window is open and connect your wallet to secure your Open Campus ID.

13. Where will I be able to view my Open Campus ID?

You will be able to view your Open Campus ID by visiting and by clicking on the Open Campus ID user portal. You can log in via email or with your Ethereum wallet (Metamask, Rainbow, Trust Wallet, Wallet Connect, etc).

Once logged in, you will be able to:

  1. View and edit your Open Campus ID profile
  2. Complete quests and make referrals to earn OC points
  3. View the OC points that you have earned.

More features will be added to Open Campus ID as we progress through the roadmap.