Open Campus Newsletter (November 2023)

Open Campus
7 min readDec 4, 2023

From Hong Kong Fintech Week to Istanbul’s Blockchain Event, BTSE Listing, Pinkfong Partnership, and Our Sold-Out Publisher NFT Season 2 — Open Campus is on the Move!

Publish NFT Season 2 Sells Out!

Season 2 Publisher NFT sell-out finished off an action-packed month for the Open Campus ecosystem.

As a reminder and for those who don’t know, Publisher NFTs are unique digital assets, representing co-publishing rights to existing, revenue-generating educational content on TinyTap. This innovative approach positions educational content as a new form of asset, leveraging the power of digital property rights.

The Season 2 sale of Publisher NFTs by Open Campus and TinyTap was a resounding success, generating 540,000 EDU tokens, equivalent to about US$321,545 at the time of sale. This sale not only brought immediate revenue but also promised ongoing earnings for the 168 educators who co-authored the Season 2 Publisher NFTs on the TinyTap platform.

For a full download on the Season 2 sale, you can read the press coverage here!

Binance Labs Invests $3.15 Million in Open Campus

Also this month, Open Campus marked a significant milestone, securing a $3.15M investment from Binance Labs. This investment underscores Binance Labs’ confidence in the potential of Open Campus to revolutionize decentralized education.

This infusion of funds will significantly boost our efforts to integrate educators and creators globally into our ecosystem, offering them unique opportunities to tokenize and monetize their content using the decentralized Open Campus protocols.

Read more about this exciting partnership with Binance Labs.

$EDU listing: BTSE & Coinone

Open Campus’s EDU token was listed on two Korean-based crypto exchanges.

$EDU was listed on BTSE for spot trading on November 8. You can listen to Open Campus council member, Yogev Shelley speak about $EDU to the BSTE community of this Spaces recording.

The listings didn’t stop there in November. $EDU continued its expansion into the Korean market with a listing on Coinone, a Korean-based crypto exchange that targets the Asian market.

The listing was celebrated with an airdrop campaign for Coinone traders.

TinyTap Partners with Pinkfong

We also saw a groundbreaking partnership between, The Pinkfong Company, creators of the global sensation “Baby Shark,” with our esteemed launch partners TinyTap, to revolutionize early learning in the digital space.

This collaboration aims to harness their combined expertise to produce interactive, educational products that foster creativity, critical thinking, and early childhood development.

The fusion of The Pinkfong Company’s characters, including Baby Shark, with TinyTap’s cutting-edge adaptive learning platform, promises to offer children immersive and personalized educational experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey into the future of education!

The Open Campus Team Hit the Road

Hong Kong Fintech Week

Over two vibrant days at Hong Kong Fintech Week, our team had the incredible opportunity to engage face-to-face with a diverse array of attendees. Visitors to the booth were offered a unique chance to get early access to OC ID through our exclusive whitelist and experience the innovative TinyTap AI tool firsthand.

A standout moment was the panel discussion featuring Open Campus council member Yogev Shelly, along with Alan Lau from Animoca Brands, Audrey from TRLabs, and Akina Ho from AllStarsWomen DAO. This engaging session delved deep into the intersection of Web3 and education, shedding light on how these sectors can converge to create transformative learning experiences.

Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul

Binance Blockchain Week was a bustling hub of innovation and collaboration, where we showcased the transformative impact of decentralized education alongside Animoca Brands. Our participation in the FuturePlay 2023 panel discussions with The Sandbox, provided invaluable insights into the exciting convergence of education and web3 technology.

Additionally, our involvement in the BNB Chain Hackathon as sponsors and judges allowed us to challenge and inspire the brightest minds in the industry, with a challenge to develop new applications for Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), beyond existing use cases.

Our partnership with Bug Game Lab to introduce Open Campus and TinyTap to local creators marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Turkey. Meetings with prominent educational organizations like TugvaTR highlighted the eagerness of the Turkish community to embrace web3 in education, positioning Turkey as one of the world leaders in blockchain adoption.

The highlight of our time in Istanbul was the enthusiastic response from attendees at our booth. Here, we offered the Turkish Web3 community and conference travelers an exclusive glimpse into the world of Open Campus and TinyTap.

OCX Cohort 1 Pitch For Funding

In November, Open Campus received pitches from various founders from OCX Cohort 1 who were seeking funding to integrate Open Campus protocols into their vision. The council found the proposals impressive, signaling exciting developments for our ecosystem and previously unthought-of use cases for Open Campus protocols.

Stay tuned for more information once the grants and funding details are finalized.

Open Campus Podcast Continues to Feature Amazing Talent from OCX

November saw more amazing episodes of Open Campus Assembly, our Twitter Spaces sessions, held every Friday at 12:00 pm UTC. We’ve been diving deep into the journeys of inspiring founders from the OCX accelerator program.

These weekly sessions offer a unique glimpse into the dynamic world of Edtech. Discover the forward-thinking companies leading the charge in adopting Open Campus Protocols, such as Open Campus ID and $EDU, and the transformative potential of Publisher NFTs.

These insightful discussions shed light on how our technologies are addressing real challenges in the education sector, benefiting learners and educators alike. Join us for these engaging conversations to stay updated on the evolving landscape of decentralized education.

Check out Episode #4 here.

Animoca Brands announces they will buy more $EDU

Our launch partner, Animoca Brands, announced this week that they intend to acquire additional $EDU tokens from the secondary market, signaling their continued support for Open Campus!

Animoca Brands commented on X that “the EDU token and the work of Open Campus and partners have significant potential to incentivize the creation of high-quality educational content and drive greater adoption of blockchain technology among educators.”

We couldn’t agree more and appreciate the message that this sends out to those following the journey of Open Campus.

Wrapping up November, Open Campus has made significant strides across the globe, from enlightening discussions at Hong Kong Fintech Week and Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul to the innovative TinyTap-Pinkfong partnership and the triumphant sell-out of Publisher NFT Season 2.

These milestones, coupled with the impactful pitches from OCX Cohort 1 and the additional investments from Binance Labs and Animoca Brands, mark a transformative period in our journey to decentralize education. As we move forward, we’re excited to continue breaking new ground and sharing these advancements with our vibrant community.

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