Open Campus Newsletter (Sept 2023)

September has been a whirlwind for Open Campus, marked by key achievements. We’ve launched the exclusive Open Campus ID Allowlist, expanded into the Korean education market, and commenced a dynamic OC-X Cohort 1.

Open Campus
3 min readSep 29, 2023

Open Campus has launched the Phase 1 Open Campus ID Allowlist, allowing individuals to secure their .edu address. This Phase was exclusively available to $EDU and Genesis NFT holders. The first 1,000 spots were claimed in less than two hours after an amazing response from the OC community! Keep an eye peeled for other ways to claim the whitelist spot after the PNFT launch.

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OC-X Cohort 1 is off to an exciting start with a dynamic group of founders, including 10 experienced leaders from global edtech organizations. The diverse cohort is brimming with energy, and they’re all eagerly collaborating and learning together. Get ready for an epic educational journey that’s set to make waves!

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TinyTap AI is now available on mobile platforms. As one of the top-grossing education mobile applications, TinyTap creates the most impact on its million users through mobile. Anyone can now access the AI “Prompt-to-Game” on with the mobile browser to create interactive courses on any subject freely.

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