Publisher NFT: Season 2 is here!

The long-anticipated Publisher NFT is coming back with a new batch to empower teachers and educators with their fair share of earnings! This season we are giving out a total of $130,000 USD staking bonus to Co-Publishers exclusively!

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8 min readNov 16, 2023

Owners of Publisher NFTs can become co-publishers of their respective educational courses, alongside TinyTap and content creators.

The Season 2 NFTs are going to be sold as 720 individual Surprise Packs. Unlike the auction from Season 1, they will all be priced at a price of 748–880 EDU. Genesis NFT holders can also participate by using their locked EDU and PNFT credits.

Why is the mint price a range? This is because discounts will be unlocked based on deposit targets being met during the Deposit Phase.

There will be 4 tiers with different annual revenue shares from the past 12 months, namely Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. The higher the revenue share, the more popular the course has been among TinyTap users. Co-publishers of these courses will be able to earn 80% of all the future revenue annually with an optional marketing fee of 10% to have TinyTap market the course for you. The remaining 20% will be equally shared with content creators and TinyTap. Future creator royalties from secondary trading will also be distributed to the creator.

We are also introducing a staking program to give our Genesis NFT owners bonus revenue as a Co-publisher. You will be able to stack the Golden Backpacks and Silver Notebooks to boost the course revenue by up to 12x. See the matrix below for the exact multiplier:

The multiples will be inversely proportional to the NFT’s Rarity, so even if you get Uncommon PNFTs — you will be getting a higher boosted multiple of your revenue. The staking program is a special bonus to reward our Season 2 Co-Publishers, be sure to get your Backpacks and Notebooks ready for the bonus pool!

Publisher NFT Season 2 Minting Flow

Deposit $EDU, Unlock Discounts for Everyone: Nov 23 9am UTC — Nov 27 9am UTC

To participate in the mint, you will need to deposit $EDU before the mint to secure an allowlist spot. Genesis NFT holders can redeem the locked EDU and credits from the Genesis NFT Mint.

Why deposit? Simply put, if our community hits our target deposit goals, discounts to the mint price will be unlocked and everyone gets to pay less for the mint! Our goal is to incentivize a group effort to encourage everyone to deposit as much as they can. When the total deposit reaches target milestones, our smart contract will unlock a reduced mint price of up to 15% off to 748 EDU.

Deposit Milestones:
1. 400,000 EDU — 5% off
2. 480,000 EDU — 10% off
3. 540,000 EDU — 15% off

Mint Publisher NFT: Nov 27 9am UTC — Nov 29 9am UTC

After the deposit will be the Publisher NFT Mint! The NFTs will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis in two phases:

First, it will be opened to Open Campus adopters: Current Genesis NFT holders (no snapshot required) for the first 24 hours with a minting cap of 10 Publisher NFTs per wallet.

Succeeding that, the mint will be open to the public with the remaining Publisher NFTs for another 24 hours (subject to the NFT availability) — so make sure you turn on notifications for our Twitter and Discord to stay close to our official announcements!


After you have successfully minted your mystery box, the course will be revealed at a later date and you will have access to a revenue dashboard. By default, a marketing fees has been opted-in to relist the course on TinyTap platform to bootstrap the previous annual revenue (not paying the 10% marketing fees will result in your course being delisted from the platform).

Stake Genesis NFT

Boost up the Revenue Share for your Publisher NFT with an exclusive bonus pool of $130,000 USD for Season 2 holders. The Genesis Golden Backpack and Silver Notebooks can be interchanged to satisfy the staking requirements, where 1 Golden Backpack = 4 Silver Notebooks. If you hold 1 Golden Backpack you could stake for multiple Publisher NFTs of lower tiers, e.g. 2 Uncommon (1 Notebook each) and 1 Rare (2 Notebooks each), or vice versa.
This staking is our way to reward our early holders and part of our journey to expand the Open Campus ecosystem.

Claim Revenue

Then you can start earning revenue share from your courses starting from December. The revenue earned can be claimed at the start of every next month, with the first being distributed in the first week of January 2024. In case you did not claim that month, do not worry as revenues will continue to accrue every month which can be claimed at a later time. You will be required to go through KYC before claiming so make sure you read our Buyer’s Terms before purchasing.

With the success of 240 ETH in proceeds from the Season 1 Sale, we are very excited to see what magic we can collectively create this time! Can’t wait to gather our Co-Publishers and make education great again!

Please note that due to regulatory reasons, Publisher NFT revenue share will not be claimable by jurisdiction including US, UK and sanctioned countries**. (See full list below)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Publisher NFTs?

Publisher NFTs are tokens that represent publishing rights to educational courses.

In short:

1. A content creator creates a course e.g. how to learn English. The course is then tokenized as an NFT.

2. The creator sells the NFT and transfers the publishing rights to the NFT holder.

3. Every time the course generates revenue, the publishing rights give the NFT holder a cut!

When did the Season 1 collection drop?

Season one dropped in October 2022, when TinyTap sold the publishing rights to 12 courses authored by teachers on its educational platform, sold out via auction on OpenSea.

What is the role of Golden Backpacks and Silver Notebooks regarding Publisher NFTs?

Golden Backpacks and Silver notebooks can be used to boost the revenue share on Publisher NFTs. We will share more details on other utilities very soon!

Eligibility & Deposit Phase

What is the Deposit Phase and how does it work?

During the Deposit Phase, our community will be invited to deposit $EDU to secure an allowlist spot for the upcoming Publisher NFT mint. The smart contract powering the deposit pool will contain these predefined target milestones and discounts off the base mint price that everyone will enjoy if we reach the targets:
1. 400,000 EDU — 5% off
2. 480,000 EDU — 10% off
3. 540,000 EDU — 15% off

The goal for the community is to collaborate with each other to deposit enough EDU to hit these targets so that everyone gets to mint Publisher NFTs for a lower price!

How do I get on the allowlist for the mint?

The only way to qualify for an allowlist spot is by depositing the minimum $EDU required for 1 Publisher NFT into the Deposit Pool.

What is the benefit of depositing $EDU now?

Not only will depositing EDU into the Deposit Pool guarantee you an allowlist spot, you are also doing your part to help unlock discounts that everyone (including you!) can benefit from. The bigger targets we achieve together, the more discounts get unlocked for everyone!

How long will the Deposit Phase last?

It will start at 9:00 am UTC, Nov 23, 2023 and end at 9:00 am UTC, Nov 27, 2023

How do I deposit and how much $EDU should I put in?

You can make a deposit by visiting the Publisher NFT Mint Page (to be shared later) during the Deposit Phase. You must deposit no less than 880 EDU, the minimum required amount and you must deposit in multiples of the mint price to one Publisher NFT. For example, 880 EDU, 1,760 EDU and so on. This is to ensure that you will be able to mint.

I still have EDU credits from the Genesis NFT Mint. Do they count towards my deposit?

Yes! You can connect the wallet that you used to claim your Genesis NFT and your EDU credits will automatically appear so that they can be applied toward your deposit. All you will need to do is top up additional EDU to the minimum amount.

Mint details

What and when are the mint phases?

  1. Deposit phase: This phase will start on Nov 23, 2023. During this phase, you will deposit EDU into a deposit pool to get a spot on the mint’s allowlist. This is the only way to get a spot on the mint’s allowlist.
  2. Mint phase: The mint will start on Nov 27 at 9:00 am UTC on the Publisher NFT Mint Page. You will be able to use your deposited funds to mint an unrevealed Publisher NFT.
  3. Reveal phase: Publisher NFTs will be revealed post-mint and you will be able to see the collections’ traits.

How many NFTs will be on sale in Season 2?

There will be a total of 720 Publisher NFTs that will be on sale during Season 2. Further details will be announced in due course.

How much will the Publisher NFTs cost to mint?

Publisher NFTs in Season 2 will be sold as Surprise Packs, priced at around 880 EDU each. Discounts of up to 15% off (748 EDU) can be unlocked based on the Deposit Milestones.

Which chain will the Publisher NFTs be launched on?

Publisher NFTs in Season 2 will be minted on BSC and bridged to Polygon for secondary trading. You will need to pay gas in BNB in order to mint the NFTs.
After the mint, you will be able to see the Publisher NFT deployed on Polygon with the same address, and you could choose to resell it on OpenSea and other Polygon-supported marketplaces in MATIC.

Will I be able to specify which courses that I will purchase?

No. Since you will be minting mystery boxes, you will only find out which course you got after the reveal.

** Sanctioned / Geo-blocked countries: United States, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Russia, the following regions of Ukraine: Donetsk, Crimea and Luhansk, Algeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Qatar, Tunisia, Bolivia, Colombia


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