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OC-X: An accelerator to support EdTech founders

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2 min readSep 21, 2023

Open Campus is partnering with NewCampus to launch the first cohort of OC-X (the Open Campus Accelerator) for EdTech founders kicking off on Friday, September 22nd!

OC-X is a DAO-voted, bold initiative to onboard innovative education and future-of-work startups into the Open Campus ecosystem, leveraging the community, infrastructure, and $EDU ecosystem.

For our first cohort, we’ve got an incredible lineup of 10 adult learning educators and content creators from 5 different countries, each with deep expertise in their verticals. From the hospitality space to the African creator sector, the diversity of this first cohort represents just one of many collaborations needed to foster a thriving, inclusive ecosystem through the $EDU token.

Will Fan, CEO of NewCampus says,

“The $EDU infrastructure opens up a world of possibilities. These EdTech startups are proving their adaptability, serving B2B, B2C, and B2G markets, and taking on end-to-end learner support, from content creation to student services.”

EdTech founders in Cohort 1 of OC-X:

  • Carlos Raul Garcia (Educup, USA)
  • Ngugi Karega (Skizaa, Kenya)
  • Matt Spriegal (Atiom, USA)
  • Kai Yuan Neo (Rocket Academy, Singapore)
  • Gulcan Yayla (Patika, Turkey)
  • Angela Chen-Delantar (Eskwelabs, Philippines)
  • Pato Bichara (Collective, Mexico)
  • Nayoko Maitri Wicaksono (Algoritma, Indonesia)
  • Victor Rivera (Avion, Philippines)
  • Charles Lee (Coder School, Vietnam)

OC-X is designed for EdTech founders who

  1. Have attained PMF and possess EdTech expertise
  2. Are committed to growing the education ecosystem
  3. Are looking for collaboration opportunities using the $EDU infrastructure
  4. Want to improve operations and scaling to better serve learners

Other resources the accelerator provides include:

  • A B2C user pool of 8,000
  • 15+ curated modules designed by experts
  • 6 months post-programme support
  • $100k+ Non-dilutive funding

NewCampus (our partner in co-creating the accelerator) is looking forward to building a community through the OC Alliance that fosters knowledge sharing, collaboration, and potential partnerships amongst EdTech founders.

OC-X is always on the lookout for founders who are keen to provide access to more diverse educational content for working adults while providing educators with new opportunities to earn revenue and gain recognition for their contributions. If you are interested, please drop a message on our LinkedIn.

Read more about OC-X at http://ocx.opencampus.xyz

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